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Hi, my name is Don Courcelle I have been retired for a few years now - wow time sure flies by.  Like many people I have had many career changes, and over time I have been trying to create this website. I've had many attempts in trying, but life just keeps butting in. I'm also not too good with computers - it is so hard.  I missed the whole tech thing as I was too involved in the construction industry, which consumed most of my time.  You might find some mistakes here, so please feel free to let me know if you do.  As we all venture forward in our retirement years, I hope you come along for the ride.  Also, I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you find what you are looking for here on Lifestyles of Baby Boomers in Retirement.                                    

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They say the baby boomer years are from 1946 to 1964, so if you were born in this time period means you are a baby boomer, {congratulations}.


It is also estimated that in North America there are about 74 million baby boomers, dwindling every day.  Also, people think that one of the reasons for the boom is couples reuniting after the end of world war two.  As I was growing up there were so many great TVs shows back then - here are a few of the good ones I remember:


Howdy Doody, The Brady Bunch, Have Gun Will Travel, Bonanza, Ed Sullivan Sunday Night @ 8:00, The Twilight Zone, I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith show & so many other great shows.


The music back then was the best ever (haha might be just a bit bias). King Elvis Presley was sure my favorite, others included the Beach Boys, Dion, Bob Seger, Tina Turner, Cher, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash the list could go on forever that is some of the greatest music ever written and sang & is still playing today.


In the year 2011, the first baby boomers became 65 age of retirement.  A lot of the boomers are not sitting back in there rocking chairs, they are very very active and living longer due to modern medicine & keeping themselves fitter than previous generations.  Some are even supporting there adult children still living at home. The influences & spending power of baby boomers over the years has created wealth in America; such as voting, buying homes, cars, travel & so much more. Baby boomers are still the largest consumer group.  A lot of the boomers have a lot more wealth than previous generations. The buying power is huge.  A lot of boomers are very frugal with there spending - not buying new vehicles, drive them longer, not buying as many new clothes as they don't need as much as they are not working anymore.  The advertisers seem to be concentrating on the millennials market as opposed to boomers. They are missing out on a huge huge market.  Boomers own a large majority of financial assets in the Americas (we own about 63% of all assets so we are a huge force to be dealt with). It is so nice to be a boomer after all these years of hard hard work.


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Rving is a great life this is the first thing that was on our bucket list when we retired was to go to Alaska. Not knowing anything about rving did not even know you had to have a special license to pull this huge RV, bought the RV than found out about the special license. This applies in' Canada, so to make it harder had to study for the course plus do practice pulling with the RV had to have a licensed driver with me plus still working construction.

Leaving in about 3 weeks was a go-go situation my wife booked me 3 road test all over the place in case I failed one hahaha good for her but to my amazement, we passed the first time around was I scared plus very very nervous. So off we went did a little planning ahead for our stops during the day & night. My first time boarding the ferry was a real experience having a GPS on the truck plus having one in the passenger seat - boy I must have nerves of steel!  More on this later.  In the meantime;  check out some of my favorite RV related products in my Amazon store.

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The thing we are going to talk about today is by no means medical advice as I am not a medical practitioner or claim to be one thank you so much.  Today we are going to talk about one of the more popular discomforts, of aging the big Arthritis.  Arthritis is not only a disease for the elderly it can also affect children & countless families. they claim there are over 50 million adults who have arthritis. which seem to affect the joints knees, elbows, back, hands, fingers & many more parts of the body. It is a very painful disease. I personally have in both knees lower back elbows sometimes makes it hard to move around, mornings are worse for me. Ha Ha, the golden years are not as golden as I thought, but that is ok all you can do is keep going. The 2 most common type of arthritis seems to be osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis, which is inflammation of the one joints or multiple joints.  Cartilage is a firm flexible tissue in your joints by absorbing the pressure a shock created when you move or put stress on them, like the shock absorber in your car. Without them, it would be a rough ride, so when the cartilage is worn down this causes some form of arthritis. To know if one has arthritis one of the best ways is to see a doctor who will send you for more test like x-rays,& more.


There are many things one can do to help ease the pain some people like heating pads some like ice packs, over the counter, acetaminophen eg Tylenol seem to help also menthol creams or it gets too painful some doctors will administer cortisone also exercise seems to help. Surgery sometimes which is most common with hips & knees.Seems there is no cure for arthritis a lot of the help is on the individual which I seem to have learned. Weight loss is one way which makes sense the less weight to carry around the less weight on my knees. I also found that if I sit for long periods of time when I get up I am stiff very stiff same as the mornings. There are a lot of exercises one can do haha I have to get down to "do it "there are also many arthritis societies out there where they will be glad to help you.

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Good afternoon.  I am not a financial advisor this is not meant to be read as financial advice .C.P.P. stands for Canadian Pension Plan. If you have lived & worked in Canada & Quebec means you are entitled to receive it. C.P.P. can be taken at a reduced rate at age 60 or the full rate at age 65 a reduced rate at age 60 would be up to 36% less than age 65. There are 2 separate plans C.P.P. and the Quebec pension plan if you have worked in both provinces, you are entitled to receive both but must apply separately, but also must apply before age 70 with a permanent increase. You can still work past the age of 65. I worked past the age 65 part-time & had my CPP premiums canceled did not pay C.P.P. premiums. You must apply for your C.P.P. it is not automatic if you wish to apply for a reduced amount at age 60 you can apply when you are one month pass your 59th birthday if you want your C.P.P. to begin at age 60. The amount of your pension will depend on how much & how long you have contributed, the old saying the more you put in the more you get back. The payments are deposited directly in your account almost anywhere in the world During the course of one's working life you might have had low periods were you had zero work, such as going back to school, becoming unemployed or leaving the workforce to care for a family member. The C.P.P. can automatically drop a number of months of you lower earnings allowing up to 8 years to be dropped.  Disability exclusion is when a person has been disabled for a long period of time is not included in their contributory period. In 2019 an individual who became disabled will have a credit drop into the months they were disabled. The value of the credit is based on 6 years before becoming disabled.  If you die before applying for C.P.P.they cannot pay your retirement pension, unless you were over 70, which if your estate applies no later than 1 year after your death, they will pay up to 12 months to your estate. There is also a disability they will pay if you are under age 65 and cannot work anymore. There is also a lump sum death benefit of $2500.00 which will be paid to your estate if you apply within a 60 days of your death. This is a very complex program which suits many different needs. We have not touched on everything it would be wise to consult an expert to help your situation because we would not want you to lose the money you & your spouse have worked so hard to receive it. Go Government of Canada home page to check it out.  Hope you have a nice day.


In today's world with people living longer due to modern medicine, & our health lifestyle retiring might not be mandatory for many people. There are many part-time or full-time work options for many, to help top up their income, or just want to work part-time for social.  Depending on your experience could help you look for part-time employment, as a teacher you can become a tutor. I used to work construction & became a consultant part-time. If you are good @ numbers a tax preparing might work.  I have a friend of mine who is a good golfer who gives golf lessons. There are also a # of chain stores that hire seniors on a part-time or full time they are Walmart, Home Depot, Grocery stores and many more. The retired population brings so much to the table they are reliable, provide leadership, to less experienced employees. Experience is something that cant be bought it has to be earned. The jobs are endless more at a later date. Working from home on a computer is another option.  I hope we have touched on a few options for you in the future.


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  What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.

Napoleon Hill


It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.

Harry Truman


A year from now you may have wished you started today.

Karen Lamb






 There are 3 little boys visiting their grandparents.

The oldest came out & asked his grandpa "Can you make a sound like a frog Grandpa?

Grandpa { being in a kind of ill mood } responds

"no, I don't really want to make the sound of a frog now ".


So the second little boy comes out and asks his grandfather;

"Will you please make a sound like a frog ?"


Grandpa again says

"Not now I really don't want to do that I am in a grumpy mood maybe later ."


Then the third little boy comes out & says

"Grandpa oh please grandpa will you make a noise like a frog?".


Why do you all want me to make a noise like a frog? " Granpa asked.

The little boy replied with a hopeful face.

"Well, Momma said when you croak we all get to go to Disney World !"

Coffee is on!


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